The supplements & Multivitamins you take along with the regular diet play a significant role in your overall health. The word “supplement” means something that completes or adds to something else. While you can get many vitamins and minerals from your daily diet — it’s not always easy to fulfill the body’s nutritional demands.

According to Gartner, over 32% of Americans take a multivitamin with iron daily. Most do so in the pursuit of making their immune systems stronger and potentially curing other ailments. However, some people consume them to boost fertility and maintain healthy skin. Whether you agree or not, taking multivitamin supplements is essential for mental and physical well-being, especially during pregnancy, doing vigorous physical activity, and developing age.


Here, we are going to put light on 11 interesting facts about multivitamins, which no one ever told you about. Let’s begin without any delay.

1- Multivitamin Enhances Immunity

According to a study conducted by the University of California’s School of Medicine, multivitamins can help boost immunity and fight off infections in older people. The immune system of an aged person becomes weak and prone to diseases and infections. In order to strengthen their immune system, daily consumption of yum multivitamins with iron is recommended.

2- Females Play Vital Role In Discovery Of Several Vitamins

The vitamins have been discovered by males mostly, but there are a few vitamins where the discovery has been attributed to women too. Vitamin A was discovered by a Dutch microbiologist named Elmer McCollum while working with rats, but it was his wife who first suggested that the mice might be suffering from a vitamin deficiency that made them blind. Margaret Dayhoff discovered Vitamin B6 during her work on amino acids in 1934, and Greta Andersen discovered vitamin K in 1929 in Denmark.

3- Vitamins Help Fight Sunburn

If you suffer from sunburns frequently, you should consider using a supplement containing vitamin E as it can help repair your skin damage much faster than normal usage of sunscreen lotion alone. Use a topical cream containing at least 1% vitamin E and sun protection cream for maximum benefits.

4- Vitamins Increase Fertility

One study in men with fertility problems found that taking multivitamins increased the number of healthy sperm by up to 30%, compared to taking a placebo. The effects were most prominent in men with low amounts of selenium and zinc.

Another study in infertile men found that taking antioxidant supplements, including multivitamins, improved the number of healthy sperm.

5- Multivitamins Can Prevent DNA Damage

Damage to your body’s DNA is a significant factor in aging and cancer development. Taking specific vitamins like C & E as well as minerals can help prevent this damage to your cells’ DNA.

6- Multivitamins Decrease Heart Disease Risk Factors

Multivitamins with iron increase resistance to chronic disease. If you’re taking them on a regular basis, it provides a robust shield against heart disease and other potentially deadly illnesses.

7- Vitamins Can Help You Live Longer

Research has shown that taking multivitamins can help lower your risk of chronic disease, which can positively influence how long you live

8- Some Vitamins Can Help Prevent Cancer

Studies have found that folic acid (vitamin B9) can help fight cancers such as lung, breast, and cervical cancer, while vitamins A and C may reduce the risk of stomach cancer.

9- Vitamin A Is Important For Your Vision

Vitamin A is essential for helping your eyes adjust to changes in light, and it also helps you see color! The lack of vitamin A can cause night blindness, meaning it’ll be more challenging to see at night or in dark environments.

10- Vitamin K Act As A Blood Clotting Agent

Vitamin K is a necessary vitamin for blood clotting, but it can also be made by some bacteria that live in the human digestive system. This means that your body has some natural vitamin K production going on, but you can also get more vitamin K from dietary sources like eggs, soybeans, and fermented dairy products like yogurt and cheese.

11- Multivitamins Elevate Mood

They improve mood and energy levels throughout the day!

With all of these benefits in mind, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning toward multivitamins as their primary source of daily nutrition!