No doubt, there are several factors like stress, anxiety, guilt, and depression that lower the chances of conception in women. Many women trying to conceive, made lots of effort to get pregnant, but these factors will hamper their fertility rates.

Yoga Increase Fertility:

In simple words, stress is a huge factor that really reduces the fertility rates in women who are trying to conceive. But like other things, this has a solution too! In this post, you come to know about a few yoga asanas that help to reduce your stress and increase your fertility. You just have to get this simple ovulation calendar by to track your most fertile days and stick on these yoga poses to become a mum of a little angel.

Practicing yoga is not only helps to reduce stress, but it also prepares your mind and body for pregnancy. Keep in mind, conception is not guaranteed, but the chances of fertility improved with the ease of yoga. However, there are certain postures of yoga that increase the flow of blood in your pelvis. It is a way that assists in stimulating the hormone-producing glands and even releases the tension built in your muscles. Track your ovulation days using a simple and advanced ovulation calculator and consult your health care provider before starting these asanas.

Yoga Increase Your Fertility:

Best Poses Of Yoga For Fertility:

Once you start these asanas, you ought to track your most fertile days using a simple ovulation calendar calculator.


What You Have To Do:

  • First, sit erect, and you have to stretch out both legs in front of you
  • And, simultaneously let your toes flex towards you
  • Right after, you have to inhale and raise your arms over your head – and stretch them
  • Once done, then exhale and bend forward and you ought to feel the fold from the hip joints – make sure that your chin move towards your toes
  • Then, again stretch out your arms and allow them to reach the furthest as possible or till your toes, but there avoid stretching too far
  • Then, you ought to inhale lift your head slightly, and elongate your spine
  • Right after, you ought to exhale and move your navel toward the knees
  • You have to repeat the same process a few times; then there is a need to place your head on your legs and stick on the pose
  • Simultaneously, you ought to inhale move back to the sitting position and make your arms stretch out
  • Finally, exhale again and lower your arms to Increase Fertility

Setu Bandhasana:

What You Have To Do to Increase Fertility:

  • To start this asana, you ought to lie flat on your back
  • Right after, bend your knees, and you ought to put your feet on the ground hip-width apart. You have to place your ankles and knees in a straight line
  • Then, allow your arms beside the body with the palms facing downwards
  • Once done, then there is a need to inhale and lift your back (lower, upper, and middle) off the ground – roll in the shoulders and make your chin touches the chest without moving. And, allow your feet, shoulders, and arms to support your body weight
  • Right after, there is a need to firm up your buttocks by tightening them. And keep your thighs are parallel to each other and the ground
  • Then, you have to interlace your fingers and lift your torso higher by pushing your hands harder to the floor
  • There is a need to hold this asana maximum for a minute and breathe slowly and deeply
  • At last, you ought to exhale and release this yoga pose

Follow these yoga poses and track your ovulation days with the ease of an efficient ovulation calculator. Once you come to know about your most fertile days, it becomes easier to get pregnant – Good Luck!