Exercise is vital to keep fit and healthy, but to get the real benefits from exercise, one must be aware of the correct form, posture, limitations and benefits of various exercises related to one’s body type and requirement. A relatively new field coming up in this regime is that of exercise physiology.

Exercise physiology can be described as the field of study where the effect of activities like training, exercising or playing sports on the body, is concentrated upon. The body, due to fitness activities, is benefited at the cellular level and exercise physiology helps in understanding the effects of different activities on the many systems of the body.

Making the body work hard to perform certain sporting activities involve the bodily systems sometimes pushing them to the extremes, but this is considered good as it improves the overall efficiency of the body.

Exercising does not only provide a healthy body, but also has therapeutic benefits by way of treatment of certain medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, ageing and disuse atrophy. Therefore, to learn more about how various exercises and activities can help the body, one can take the help of exercise physiologists.

Exercise physiologists are trained professionals who specialise in health and fitness. With their specialised knowledge, they help individuals get the benefits of exercises for overall good health and they even treat patients having certain medical conditions with the help of exercises.

There are specialised exercise physiologists in Brisbane and they provide services in the areas related to:

  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Execution of exercises in the correct manner to provide the required benefits, especially those having chronic diseases.

The exercise physiologists in Brisbane provide specialised services and tailor exercise programs for individuals depending upon their requirements and preferences. Therefore, clients can avail of their services in sessions, in small groups or in an individual setting such as home, gym or in a hydrotherapy pool.

Unlike the gym instructors, the exercise physiologists are highly trained professionals who in detail study about the anatomy of the body and subsequently the effects of different exercises on the human body, both physically and mentally. They possess the knowledge of the way exercises affect the musculoskeletal system, the endocrine system and the cardiovascular system. They can suggest various courses of exercises for rehabilitation or fitness depending upon the clients’ physical state.

The benefit of understanding exercise physiology and thereby taking the help of exercise physiologists is that they can provide rehabilitation services for treatment of certain medical conditions in addition to providing tailor made exercise routines for overall good health. Motivating clients to adhere to the exercise routine also forms a part of the work area of the exercise physiologists.