Healthy Diets For Kids & Getting Kids to Eat Fruits and Vegetables,Diet Advice for Kids

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  1. Man, my grandmother was from Sicily and she made the most incredible meatballs I ever tasted, like you had died and gone to meatball heaven. Sadly, she didnt leave a single recipe for us so I’ve been trying to figure it out by myself… slowly working my through the meatball recipes here, I still cant figure out what her secret ingredient was though!!!

  2. cikcik says:

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  3. I found this site via Yahoo and just wanted to take some time to thank you for writing about these great growing tips. I will be sure email this site to my friends. Thank you again!

  4. Jin says:

    Vita Coco, a coconut water drink, is a substitute to soda for your kids’ means of hydration. I’m working with Vita Coco, and they’re currently having a promotion on Amazon; just enter the code 2BUCKVIT to get a discount for a limited time only – by the way, you can join Vita Coco’s Facebook group if you’re keen on getting more updates!

  5. Sean says:

    What about a chicken or a turkey sandwich, is that a healthy lunch for kids nowadays? I mean most of what you mentioned has to be warm, but what about when kids are in school eating, is tuna the only option or can chicken, ham, turkey be healthy substitutes?

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