Is your career making you infertile? A superwoman lifestyle can affect hormones and even body shape.

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  1. You have a very nice blog.

  2. Mariel Ang says:

    A lot more than anything my husband and I wanted a baby, we had been trying for a year with no achievement. My husband bought just about every book and program on the marketplace . We were testing for ovulation everyday and saving up our baby producing time for just when that little stick turned pink. Our next step was infertility treatment, we had been avoiding it simply because our insurance would not cover it and for IVF and every thing that came with it , we were searching at close to $30,000.00. Until we finally discovered something that worked, This is what worked for us and I am proud to tell other individuals about it The Pregnancy Miracle. I hope with all my heart this helps you and like me you as well realized the joy of having a child.

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