Cosmetic treatments are medical and non-medical practices that are aimed at improving the physical appearance of a person. Several cosmetic treatment practices can be used to achieve the intended results. The practices carry with them a great deal of risk especially if the procedures are not performed by a professional or an experienced person. In the same way, cosmetic treatments also carry some benefits which are their primary intention.

Positive impacts of cosmetic treatments on your health

These are the desirable impacts which make them worthy. In essence, the primary benefit of any cosmetic treatment is to improve the image and physical appearance. Some of these positive impacts might include:

  • They change the physical appearance of persons to fit what they desire. Different people have different opinions about what’s beautiful and not. The cosmetic treatments validate all these opinions. Once the targets are achieved, there is enhanced self-esteem and self-image which reduces stress levels that can be caused by the addressed issues
  • Chemical peels are extremely effective in the removal and treatments of age spots as well as Hyperpigmentation
  • Cosmetic treatments improve the functionalities of the skin. For example, the procedures that are aimed to remove the top layer of the skin enable it to take in skincare products more effectively.
  • Laser treatments with the help of catheters or ultrasound-guided technology have been effectively used to unblock blood vessels, and this reduces the fatality rate associated with blocked blood vessels.

Negative impacts of cosmetic treatments on your health

These are risks and the undesirable impacts of cosmetic treatments, but they do not necessarily occur.  They might include:

  • Rhinoplasty or plastic nose surgery can lead to difficulty in breathing, scarring, and change in skin sensation
  • Secondary infection that can develop at the site of incision affects the body’s performance in a negative way
  • Body dysmorphic disorder can develop. This is a mental illness that makes a person be obsessively concerned about a flaw on their body. The illness mostly results on people who have high or unrealistic expectations
  • Liposuction can easily destroy the fat cells, and in case the person starts to gain weight again, it will be unequally distributed or deposited in higher risky areas like the upper abdomen and back of the arms. These fat deposits can be a threat or a trigger to cardiovascular diseases
  • Dermabrasion, chemical peels, and even lasers have been found to cause damage to the nerves which reduces sensitivity
  • Cosmetic surgery can lead to complications related to anesthesia like a blood clot, Seroma, Pneumonia, and even death in the worst-case scenario
  • Botox can cause paralysis of the cells temporally while other dermal fillers have the potentials of aiding in the formation of blood clots if they are not diluted in the correct way

What to note about cosmetic treatments and health facts

  • A qualified physician or a dermatologist must perform all cosmetic procedures
  • People with blood pressure and diabetes should take extra caution while undergoing these treatments
  • Patients should stop taking blood-thinning medication if they are planning on a cosmetic treatment
  • Cigarette and alcohol should be avoided before, during, and after the treatment

Wrap up

Cosmetic treatments are primarily focused on bringing about improved physical appearance of a person. However, in the process, there are undesirable impacts that can result. These negative impacts need to be addressed too by a qualified and experienced physician or dermatologist as well. In any case, it’s worth noting that every action has its set or pro and associated cons. It’s advisable to do due diligence research before undertaking any cosmetic treatment.