In summer your skin looks young and attractive, and feeling of dryness and discomfort comes in the winter. How to protect skin from unpleasant influence of cold, snow and wind?By the time the first leaf falls, it seems like you can scratch your name on your dry skin. “Indoor heating takes the humidity out of the air and we start the scratch-itch cycle on our arms and legs,” says Wendy Lewis, New York beauty consultant and author of The Lowdown on Facelifts and Other Wrinkle Remedies.

Wool clothing can also leach out moisture and irritate skin. Lewis recommends a lactic acid body lotion called Amlactin, available behind the pharmacist’s counter without a prescription (other good over-the-counter goos are Eucerin, Aquaphor, and Vaseline Intensive Care). “If you use lotion,” she advises, “you need to use it more often, even every few hours.”
American cosmeticians give 10 practical advices:
1. Drink more water. Skin, as well as all organisms, requires humidifying. When you somewhere go, take a bottle of mineral water or green tea with you.
2. Use humidifying creams. It is better to put a cream for a night.
3. If in the winter your skin is strongly shelled, use scrubs and peelings.4. Use face creams on the basis of oils (their structure contains up to 80 % of cosmetic oils) as a basis under the make-up.
5. Don’t forget about sun-protection creams. Put cream SPF 15 each time before you go outside.
6. The skin of your hands also requires care. Buy a pair of good gloves so that you hands always were in heat.
7. Linen oil – is tremendous means. Use it in food – it will “humidify” your skin “from within”.
8. Take oil baths. Indulge your skin! Everyday during acceptance of a bath add some drops of oil jojoba or sweet almonds into the water.
9. Forget about hair drier! Try not to use it in general as at this time year it harms not only your hair, but also a skin of a head in the winter.
10. Cease to lick lips! Buy hygienic lipstick and use it