Cord blood banking started in the 1900s but the procedure and uses were still being developed at that time. We were still struggling to find a way to freeze blood without ruining it. There were a lot of things that weren’t perfected and every medical aspect needs perfection to be successful. When the general public gradually became aware of the existence and benefits of cord blood donation, several questions were raised regarding it. People wanted clarification on their doubts concerning cord blood. Let’s have a look at the most frequently asked questions.

What is cord blood?

When a woman is pregnant with a baby, her body provides nutrients and RNA through stem cells and other carriers through the umbilical cord. This facilitates a constant supply of blood rich with stem cells. So after the delivery, the cord is severed from the baby. However, there is still some blood left in the cord which is known as cord blood.

What is cord blood banking?

Cord blood banking is the process of storing the cord blood collected from mothers who have just delivered a baby. It is similar to blood banking but instead of regular blood, cord blood banks accept blood from the umbilical cord of a mother. You can use this blood later on or you can give permission for it to be used by another party for research and operational purposes.

What is the cost and donation procedure for cord blood banking?

Storing cord blood in the bank has a lot of advantages and it can come to your rescue in dire situations. Of course when one sees such a service one wonders how much does cord blood banking cost or how expensive will it be. Well considering this is a life-saving service it does not cost that much. On selecting an experienced private bank that uses the best facilities to make sure your blood is kept in prime condition, the cost starts at around $3000. The procedure of donating this blood obviously happens during childbirth. Therefore, it is best to contact the cord blood bank in advance so that they are ready to perform their procedure of storing your blood for you.

What is the use of cord blood?

Cord blood has many uses and is quite valuable. Research on the use of cord blood has been happening since the late 1900s. It was found that cord blood contains an abundance of stem cells that are essential for different types of transplants. Many ailments that did not have cure were treated with the cord blood to get successful results. Similarly, a lot of diseases were also shortlisted which could be potentially cured by cord blood. Further research along the years resulted in the discovery of various cures for diseases that were thought to be incurable. To date around 80 such lethal diseases have a cure thanks to cord blood.

Is it safe?

Cord blood banking is quite safe as the procedure has been perfected over the years with loads of investment and scrutiny to make sure that everything regarding this procedure goes perfectly.

Cord blood banking is slowly becoming an essential medical service and more public is opting for it every year. The research is now being done on a higher level to extract every benefit from cord blood as possible.