Chances are you’ve heard of Curves, Nautilus and the Buns of Steel video. However, if you’ve tried it all and still don’t have a toned back side, you may just need a new approach. Butt toning and thigh exercises are often the most feared, leaving many women with butt flab left without tone. However, with these simple and effective daily tips you can quickly have the best gluteal muscles on the block!.

Reach Behind Move

Equipment Needed: A sturdy wall for balance and optional light-weight dumbbells.Instructions: Stand a few feet away from a wall, facing it. Place your hands flat against the wall. Slightly bend your knees. Keeping one foot on the floor, lift the other foot off the floor. Keep your knee bent, supporting your balance. Be sure to keep the abs tight, the hips slightly forward and the torso almost parallel to the floor.

Reps: Start with 2 sets of 10 reps (or 10 on each side). Take a one minute break in between each set. To make this more difficult, hold light-weight free weight dumbbells in your hands throughout the exercise.

Lunge With A Rise

Equipment Needed: A stair and dumbbells.

Instructions: Stand about 2 feet away from the first stair on the staircase (or away from your stair-stepping bench). Hold a dumbbell in each hand and step forward onto the stair with your right foot. Allow your left heel to rise off of the floor, with the knee slightly bent toward the floor in a lunge position. Repeat the process with the opposite leg. This will greatly start slimming the buttocks, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps.Reps: Start with 1 set of 10 reps each day. To make this move easier, you can choose to do it without a stair and practice it on flat flooring.

London Bridge Lift

Equipment Needed: None

Instructions: Lie flat on your back and bend your knees. With your feet flat on the floor, place your arms at your sides. Squeeze your butt and lift your hips off of the floor for a count of two. With your hips in the air, extend one leg out toward the sky. Lower your leg and hips. Repeat the move with the opposite leg.

Reps: Start with 2 sets of 10 reps each day. To make this move easier, you can choose to not extend your legs. Instead, you can only work on lifting your hips.A buttocks workout is a fitness must when it comes to overall training. You can quickly learn how to firm your rear muscles and experience cellulite and fat reduction in your buttocks and thigh area. These exercises paired with cardio workouts (or Pilates and yoga) can give you a sexy butt in no time!

The Squat- The squat is the foundation of lower body exercises. The squat works all muscles of the legs and glutes. The squat is a multi joint exercise, which is one of the main reason it is excellent for developing muscle. Start with 3 sets of 8-10 Repetitions, directions are listed below.

1.Begin with feet pointing straight ahead shoulder-width apart. Open the resistance bars at your chest.2. Keeping your back straight, squat while lowering arms with open resistance bars until your thighs are parallel to the floor with arms locked out.
3. With one fluid motion rise extending arms outward, bring arms to chest and repeat.
4. Inhale opening resistance bars, exhale lowering and inhale rising.

Jump Squats- Jump squats is a plyometric exercise, which is a movement which develops power, explosion and athleticism. I recommend following the squat with 5 reps of jump squats. Rest after each set  jump squats for 2 to 3 minutes. Directions are below.

1) Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, trunk flexed forward slightly with back straight in a neutral position.
2) Arms should be in the “ready” position with elbows flexed at approximately 90°.
3) Lower body where thighs are parallel to ground.
4) Explode vertically and drive arms up.
5) Land on both feet and repeat.
6) Prior to takeoff extend the ankles to their maximum range (full plantar flexion) to ensure proper mechanics.

 The Deadlift– The deadlift is another multi-joint exercise which is ideal for isolating the legs and glutes. Technique is very important when performing the deadlift. Start with a less challenging weight and increase as your technique improves. I recommend 3 sets of 8-10 reps.

1) Stand with feet hip width apart with knees slightly bent (at 20°).
2) Start position: Grasp bar with overhand grip hip width apart. Back should be straight in a neutral position.
3) Bending at the hips, lower bar to approximately knee height. Keep knees bent at 20° throughout movement.
4) Return to start position.
Remember to keep back straight – movement should occur at the hip. To facilitate this, shift glutes back as if ready to sit down. Knees should not move forward beyond the toes. Keep abdominals tight throughout exercise by drawing stomach in toward spine.

 Lunges- Lunges are my favorite lower body exercise. They are great for developing lower body strength and they also incorporate balance which is something that carries over into everyday activities. There are numerous variations of the lunge. I will go over the walking lunge. 3 Sets of 8 reps  works best.

 1.Start position: Stand with feet hip width apart. Hold a Dumbell in each hand.
2. Step forward 2-3 feet forming a 90° bend at the front hip and knee. DO NOT allow front knee to extend past the big toe – may cause injury.
3. Push body up and move the back foot beside the front foot. Alternate feet and repeat.
4. Remember to keep head and back upright in a neutral position. Shoulders and hips should remain squared at all times.
5. Watch for proper knee alignment – do not let front knee extend past big toe or deviate laterally or medially. Back knee should not come in contact with floor.

Burpees- Burpess are  a “BEAST” folks.  Burpees are a total body exercise that  isolate the glutes, get your heart rate up and will leave you feeling like you definitely had a challenging workout. I recommend performing the burpess right after each set of walking lunges. Complete 5-8 reps, rest for 3-4 minutes after each burpee.

1. From a standing position, jump as high as possible and land down on your feet with your hand on the ground

2. Kick your feet back for a moment.

I’ve also provided videos displaying each exercise, good luck with your new look backside.