If you are sick of not losing fat but doing endless hours of cardio, “classes”, and lightweight exercises, then you are in the right place.Some of my favorite clients have been burnt out moms and busy businesswomen whostill made time to exercise but weren’t getting any results. The scale wasn’t budging, their  pants were still tight, and none of the body parts seemed to be tightening up.In fact, I still remember one conversation I had with my number one client of all time,Annie, a mom who did lots of cardio and light weights before she came to train with me.After one of our first sessions, we sat down at the Starbucks across the street from thegym on a beautiful spring morning, her with a coffee and me with a Green Tea, and Ishared with her the 5 secrets to burning stubborn female fat and losing inches from her tummy and thighs.The majority of women usually have problems with extra fat that tends to be present in the lower body. Fat in these areas produce the not so cute love handles and include the butt, thigh, hip, leg and tummy. This is a major problem area for me. I run almost every day of the week and just can’t seem to lose the lower body fat. Answer a few questions below to see if you fit into this category of women that are concerned about how their lower body looks.

Are You…

  • Wearing big, baggy clothing to hide your trouble spots?
  • Desperately avoiding places like the beach, pool or any situation that exposes parts of your body?
  • Generally unhappy with the condition of your lower body?
  • Self conscious about your body, thinking that other people are gawking at you?
  • Upset about not being able to buy the newest sexy fashion so you avoid going shopping?
  • Worried about your relationship dwindling away or losing intimacy with your man?
  • Turning off the lights to make love in the dark to avoid being seen?
  • Tucking your fat layers inside ugly, frumpy outfits?
  • Obsessed with how bad you look causing frustration, self disappointment and anger?
  • Becoming non-existent due to low self confidence or esteem?
  • Worried about your overall spirit and outlook on your image?
  • A woman that has tried all weight loss programs, miracle pills, ect and still failed?
  • Confused about what really works and what is just phony propaganda?
  • Out money due the desperation of changing your physical appearance?
  • One of the thousands that have been scammed by misleading beauty treatments, diet pills or ineffective exercise programs?

Watch your diet; if you don’t stick to a healthful eating plan, you will never see the results you desire.

Diet is the most important ingredient in changing the appearance of your lower body. You can lift hard and do cardio, but you will never see the bodybuilding results that you desire without cleaning up your eating habits. Eating a healthy diet doesn’t have to be dreadful and boring either; educating yourself on the proper foods to eat leaves a long list of delicious choices. Experimenting and learning the best food choices for your body and activity level will almost always leave you satisfied. Make sure that do not exclude any of the major macronutrients because they all have a benefit to the body.

Last, but definitely not least, ditch the scale!Don’t get caught up in trying to lose pounds; focus more on losing body fat and trimming down areas of your body that you aren’t completely happy with. Who really cares how much you weigh; for example, you can weigh 140 pounds yet look like someone else that weighs 120 pounds. Your body composition is far more important than that meaningless number on that piece of metal or plastic sitting in the bathroom. The scale doesn’t know if you have fat or muscle so why bother playing mind games with yourself. If you absolutely must weigh yourself, don’t do it more than once every two weeks. Use your clothing and the mirror to assess your progress.

Cardio should be incorporated into your routine, but not in excessive amounts.

Cardiovascular exercise is important to any workout regimen as well. The problem is that women think that doing cardio is the key to becoming looking and feeling leaner. Wrong! I highly recommend cardio, but it should be used for putting the final touches on your physique

  • Notes:
    I recommend using the squat rack over the smith machine. The squat rack prevents pattern overload syndrome, which can cause chronic injury due to the body constantly recruiting the same muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Lunges: Walking, stationary, and cross-over lunges are guaranteed to make everything feel firmer.
  • Step-ups: After you master the coordination of this exercise, you will notice a difference in your quads and glutes.
  • Dead lifts: Mixing up the different variations of dead lifts will target your hamstrings, a place where many women are blessed with cellulite.