There are various ways of communication. These can be in writing or by word of mouth or body language. Often people who meet for the first time, or even if they have had only a few meetings, are not very verbal. Here body language plays an important role in communicating. The signals are often strong and clear for anyone to understand.

Men and women tend to display different types of body language. However, everyone provides non-verbal clues if you just learn how to read them. Attraction and body language go hand-in-hand in forming good communication skills. 


Eye contact is the signal of not only expression of interest but also of acceptance. If you find someone looking at you directly or through the corner of the eye, be assured of interest. Respond with a brief eye contact followed by looking down. Smile associated with eye contact is a strong signal of interest in the other person. Your acceptance can also be judged by the way the other person looks, at you even if from another room. Repeated looking and gazing away, along with blushing means interest.Verbal talk with a person for the first time will not give you that clear a signal as body language will. By actions and expressions you can easily judge the response.

Position of the body is helpful to understand others. Person interested in you will face you directly. If due to some reason he is unable to do so, the body will be angled towards you. Dilation of pupils is another sign of expression of interest. Expert sales-man can judge the interest of customer from eyes. These are not intended but subconscious.

While engaged in conversation things like open palm facing upwards, playing with hair, swirling around fingers etc., reflects expression of interest of women. Similarly, men will play with tie, shirt button or wipe the face while standing straight will be expression of interest. When in sitting position, direction of knees and legs are strong signals, open legs give positive signals whereas crossed legs or arms, or hands stuffed in pocket give signal of uneasiness.

Other signals of interest can be tilting of head to one side while listening, licking of lips, biting of lower lip, touch looking unintended at safe parts, and imitation are sure signals of liking.

It is not very easy to judge the other person at one go. Development of judgement will take quite some time and effort. Being in a different state of mind those looking for love may make mistakes in judgement of interest from body language, they should exercise caution and arrive at a conclusion only after understanding body language associated with verbal communication.

It’s funny, but people who appear ready to bite your head off are not very endearing. Rejection is common and hard enough as it is. You certainly do not need to be who always finds it.

Pay attention and you will learn of these signs a little later on.

Everyone is attracted to confident body language.

Both men and women are attracted to people who display confident body language.

No one would want to date someone who portrays a very low self-esteem and a poor self-image.

Certain non-verbal gestures will make a person appear much more confident. Everything from posture and the way they shake hands to the way they look at a person or place their hands can reveal their level of confidence.

Think back to high school dances…

Remember that shy boy or girl standing awkwardly in the corner? The boy who always kept his hands stuffed firmly in his pockets or the girl who stared down at the tile floor all night. The unfortunate individuals we always referred to as “wallpapers”.

Why do you think they were never asked to dance?

Because they were not displaying confident body language or even good communication skills.

You can learn to increase your chances of success with the opposite sex by learning more about confident body gestures.

Men and women display different types of body language:

Both men and women use body language to signal when they are interested.Males and females perform certain gestures that make it easy for members of the opposite sex to determine their interest. Attraction and body language plays an important role for both genders.However, men and women often use different gestures and signals. Male body language involves certain dominant body gestures.The history of this type of body language dates back to ancient times. For millions of years, men have been regarded as the “hunter”.Men had the responsibility of protecting the women from harm. They had to assert control and establish their territory to ensure the survival of their species.Female body language is normally much more submissive. A woman’s body language provides a non-verbal way to say “Don’t worry, it’s safe to approach me. I won’t resist you.”Her language reflects a time when females needed to choose the best possible mate to father their children and ensure continuation of the species.Obviously, times have changed greatly. However, much of the male and female body language is still rooted in those ancient traditions!The next time you want to show someone you are interested, remember the important connection between attraction and body language.Learn to use confident body language that will increase your chances of success with the opposite sex.You also need to recognize the various signals that men and women use to reveal whether they are interested.