Being able to get quick and easy access to essential medicines can be convenient, but it is also important that you get them from a reputable Canadian Pharmacy online and ensure that you have all the information you need about the particular medicine.

For the elderly, there are many other considerations that need to be taken when buying and taking medication. While they may prolong life, if taken in the wrong way, they could end up doing the opposite. A reputable Canadian pharmacy online would ensure first of all that a patient purchasing medication has the prescription for it and is aware of how they should take the medication. Let us take a look at a few important things that need to be clear when elderly people are taking certain medications.

Types of Drugs

Over the Counter Meds: These are the drugs that do not need prescriptions to purchase, you can buy them at any pharmacy. For example, paracetamol or ointment for soothing muscle aches.

Dietary Supplements: They are really self-explanatory — they help to provide nutrients that you may need in your body like vitamins or iron. Such pills may not need a prescription, but you may need to get advice from a doctor whether you should take them or not.

Prescription Meds: These are drugs that need to be prescribed by a doctor and should be taken under the supervision of the doctor. Pharmacies cannot sell these to anyone without a prescription. For example, medication for high blood pressure, diabetes or anti-psychotics.

Necessary Information About Being on Medication

Share Information with the Doctor

Even though you may not need a prescription for some of these medications, it is important to have your doctor in the know about any medication you may be taking. That includes herbal extracts that you might think are natural and have no impact on your medication. If possible, list down all the medication you are taking and share that information with your doctor.

Inquire if it is Safe to Take Certain Combinations

Whenever you are starting on a new medication, find out if it is fine to take it in combination with any other drugs or supplements you might be taking. Some medications may not be effective when taken in combination with others while some drugs may become a threat to your health if taken with another substance. This is why it is important to let the doctor know what you are already taking.

Write Down Medication’s Name

To ensure you do not forget, when a doctor prescribes a drug, write down the name and the purpose of the drug. Keep a record of all the medications you are taking and what they are for.

It is also important to be sure about the way you are to take the medicine. Sometimes you may have to take it before, after or with meals. Be clear on such instructions including how often you should take it.

Side Effects

Find out from the doctor what the side effects of the medication are and if it is safe to control heavy stuff like cars or even simple ones like a blender or coffee machine.

Be Sure of Dosage

Be clear on how often you are supposed to take the medication. This also includes how you should take it, for example with food, before food or after food. Some medication also may be ineffective if taken with certain foods like milk so find out if there is any food you should avoid.


You also need to know how long you should take the medication for.

Where to Get Information

Your doctor could be the best source of information about the medication you are taking. Every time you visit, make the best use of that time to get whatever question you may have answered. You can also depend on your pharmacist. They have sufficient information about medication and can help you take them safely.

How to be Safe When Taking Medication:

– Take it as the doctor has prescribed

– Never miss a dosage

– Do not mix medications without getting the go-ahead from a doctor

– Do not share medication

– Take medication in a well-lit area so that you see what you are doing

– Do not self prescribe, always let the doctor decide what you take and for how long

How to Deal with Pain Medication

Adults usually suffer different pains and they may look to pain medication to help. It is important however that they take it with caution. Do not take too much because it can get addictive and avoid taking opioids unless they are prescribed by a doctor, those are the most addictive.

Lastly, always check to see that the medication is not expired. Expired medication may no longer be as effective, or maybe a risk to your health.