There are a multitude of best weight lifting exercises that you can do for yourself but I think that the most important thing that you can do is to concentrate on your core bodyparts and try to get exercises that will work those parts. These are the best weight lifting exercises.

First thing to know when choosing the best weight exercises is to understand the difference between simple and compound exercises. A simple exercise is one in which only one muscle group is used, biceps curls for example. A compound exercise is one where you are working more than one muscle group. An example of a compound weight lifting exercise is bench presses which work the chest for sure but are also being assisted by the shoulders and triceps..

Here you’ll find a large collection of weight lifting exercises designed to help you meet your fitness goals.

Since we’re at real weight lifting, you’ll find this is the cream of the crop – the tried and tested exercises that pack on serious gains like no other.The exercises here have been proven the world over, thousands of times by countless professional athletes, coaches and bodybuilders.

Some are time proven classics; a few even hundreds of years old, and renowned for their potential to develop immense levels of fitness. Others have stemmed from the latest cutting-edge industry research. One thing is for sure – only the very best make the list.If you’re new to weight training, then learning about safety is of paramount importance to you. It’s a good idea to check out the safety tips before anything else. Developing good habits now will save you from potential injury a few months down the line. Many of the exercises are multi-purpose – for example, the bench press is a great choice for building chest size and upper-body strength. Likewise, it could be argued that everyone should be doing squats of one form or another, whatever their fitness goals.

These basic, compound exercises are proven to be the best lifting exercises to gain muscle mass and increase strength. If you’re not using them as the foundation of your workout program, you’re not going to gain weight like you could.

Weight Lifting Exercises for Chest —–

Flat bench press with bar
Flat bench press with dumbbells
Incline bench press with bar
Incline bench press with dumbbells

The Best Exercises for Back —–

Dumbbell one arm row
Cable lat pulldowns to front
Bent over back rows w/ bar
Lower back extension
Chin-ups (Pull-ups)
Shrugs for Traps (Dumbbells or barbell)

Weightlifting Exercises for Shoulders ——

Seated military press with bar
Seated dumbbell shoulder presses
Dumbbell side lateral raises
Bent-over dumbbell raises

Weightlifting Exercises for Legs —– Squats
Leg press
Hack Squats
Stiff-leg deadlifts
Lunges with bar or dumbbells

Biceps —— Standing Alternate dumbbell curls
Standing Straight bar curls
Standing Cable curls
Hammer curls (forearms and biceps)

Exercises for Triceps ——

Lying Triceps extension (Skullcrushers)
Close-grip bench press
Cable triceps pushdowns

Abdominals ——

Lying crunches
Leg raises
Cable crunches
Stability ball crunches
Crunches on incline bench

There’s a list of some of the best weight lifting exercises to perform for muscle weight gain.

In order to get the most out of these, you have to make sure you’re training with the ideal number of reps and sets per workout.

But that’s not all. You also need to make sure you’re not training too often, or overtraining will ruin your best results.

And finally, in order to gain the most muscle mass and weight, you want to ensure you’re getting enough rest in between sets AND your workouts.